What is the pricing for custom design?

Custom Design Prices

We have many custom design options with varying prices. Most of which depends on your budget and channel goals. Stream packages are our best value, since we combine some of the most commonly ordered items. 

To get a better idea of what our custom design rates start at, see below. Your prices may vary depending on the complexity and scope of the design requested.

Please keep in mind these are starting prices and do not reflect the final total.  


Before you make your decision, keep in mind you're getting more value from purchasing a package rather than purchasing each item individually, as we offer a lower prices per item in the packages.


Custom Package Prices:

Bronze Stream Package (Starting at $90) - Includes: Live overlay, Offline screen, and Panels (up to 75).

Silver Stream Package
(Starting at $150) - Includes: Stream panels, Live overlay, 4 screens (Offline, Intermission, Be Right Back, and Starting Soon).

Gold Stream Package
(Starting at $250) - Includes: Social media (Twitch, Twitter, Mixer, Facebook) profile banner, Social media avatar, Live overlay, stream panels, intermission screen, offline screen, BRB screen, starting soon screen, alerts (6- follower, donation, subscriber, host, raid, bits), Social Media Live announcement (1x1 panel used for live stream announcements- ideal for social media posts)


Emote & Badge Package: Starting at $155 (Emote(3) Badge(4))

Affiliate Package: Starting at $400 (Gold Package + Emotes (3) & Badges (4))

Custom Emote & Other Pricing:

Emotes - $25 each. (Discounts offered on orders of 6 or more)
Animated Emotes - $50 each
Cheermotes: $40 /ea (5 for $175)
Subscriber badges - $25 base - $10 /color 

Custom Stream Design (non-animated):

Stream Screens- $30 per screen
Stream alerts (6 - static only) - $30
Live overlay - $60
Stream panels (unlmited) - $30
Social Media Banner + Avatar (Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Mixer) 
- $40
Social Media Announcement - $40

Custom Logo Design

Text logo design - starting at $275
Mascot logo - starting at $350
Illustration logo - starting at $450

Custom Animation

Animated alerts - starting at $175 (per alert) 


Animated screens - starting at $150
Animated overlay - starting at $125
Stream transition - starting at $175
Logo animation - starting at $200
Video intro/outro - starting at $250
3D - starting at $350


Purchase design files - $15

When you submit a custom design request to us, we review your request with our team. Since the complexity of each project varies, we compile pricing based off of the details around your project and the amount of items requested. 



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