Rewards Program

VBI Rewards Program 

Earn rewards for being a valued client of Visuals by Impulse! Rewards can be redeemed towards premade or custom design purchases. Level up to different VIP statuses to earn more Pixels. 

VBI Rewards Program is available to anyone who creates a store account.  

The currency for VBI rewards is called Pixels. Pixels can be earned by completing social actions, referring friends, making purchases, birthdays and more.  


  1. Navigate to the Storefront and click on "Earn Free Designs" to open the widget.

2) Click on Create an account or login

3) Towards the top of the widget, any available rewards will be shown.

4) Your current Pixel balance will be displayed in the section below.

5) Click on Earn more Pixels to learn different ways to tally more Pixels to your account.

Scroll to the bottom of the widget to review your recent earning history.

6) Click on Rewards to see which rewards are available to you and how many more Pixels needed to unlock it.


In the rewards widget in the bottom left, scroll down to Referrals

Share your referral link to others and when they click on your link, they receive $5 off their order. They will be prompted to enter their email address in the rewards widget to unlock their $5 off discount code.

When they make a purchase after clicking on your referral link, you earn 500 Pixels to spend towards future orders.

The bonus is automatically added to your account when the referral link is used to make a purchase. If the new user visits the site through the standard process, direct through the website instead of through the link you provided them, they are not considered to be a referral and the bonus cannot be applied for either account.


 Move up higher in VIP status for your order history with VBI. Premade and custom design purchases contribute towards unlocking your next VIP tier. 

VIP tiers unlock larger Pixel bonuses, 1,000 birthday Pixels and more.


Set up your VBI referral panel on your profile, website or social media in order to show off your referral link. Once they make a purchase with your customized referral link, you earn Pixels for their purchases. Spread the word of VBI, get rewarded big time.

Use the light or dark variations below by right clicking and "Save As" to your computer.



Q: How will I know when a purchase is made with my referral link?

A: When someone makes a purchase with your link, you will receive an email confirmation with your new Pixel balance. 

Q: I don't see a place to enter my discount code for my custom design project. 

A: Just give a VBI team member the heads up and we can get your balance sorted out. We'll adjust the discount on the second invoice if applicable.

Pixels cannot be combined with any other offers. Including, but not limited to, vouchers, promotions or pre-existing subscriptions.

Have more questions? Use the live chat in the bottom right and we'll troubleshoot as soon as possible! 

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