OBS Studio 23.0 Update

At the end of February 2019, OBS Studio released a pretty big update to the already popular live-streaming software. This update adds some key features that rival that of the growing-in-popularity Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS). 

This article will describe the added features to OBS, and will help you decide which software is best for you.

For full patch notes from OBS, check out the button below.

OBS 23.0 Patch Notes

Key Features

  • You can now link your streaming account directly to OBS, removing the need to manually enter a stream key (optional).
  • Addition of Twitch and Mixer chat panel, Twitch "Stream information" dashboard (i.e. title, game, etc.), and Twitch "Stream Stats" dashboard panel (i.e. viewer count, etc.)
  • Dockable panels- you can now dock/undock panels to customize the user interface of OBS Studio.
  • THE BIG ONE- New NVENC and encoding improvements. This will significantly increase the quality of your stream while reducing the system and resource impact.

While StreamlabsOBS offered the integrated chatbox, stream information and stats upon (as well as Streamlab features offered on their site) when it released, OBS began to lag behind in the race for streamers' favorite software to use.

However, many streamers have voiced their concerns with the high CPU-usage SLOBS caused, leaving their stream quality or PC quality-of-life negatively impacted. Even with the additional features SLOBS offered, the race between the two was narrowed down to personal choice. Both software programs have their positives and negatives, but with the recent 23.0 release of OBS Studio, the race is much tighter, as both programs are more similar than before.

So What?

Maybe the addition of the dockable features mentioned above aren't really tickling your fancy. You may not be overly impressed with this update, especially if you are already using SLOBS and have had this feature.

Why should you care? The answer is simple- OBS Studio 23.0's NVENC encoding is a MAJOR upgrade to the quality of your stream.

The new NVENC encoding is going to increase the quality of your stream in a significant manner. You can expect to see more FPS, less CPU/GPU usage, and improve the quality of your stream. This is important as it will allow you to play your games at a high FPS, while at the same time improving the look of your stream on the viewers end.

HOWEVER, there have been many reports of users having issues with this NVENC update, including myself. Unfortunately there is no one fix, and it seems to depend solely on your build and PC specs. Like any software update, tread accordingly, and adjust setting in game and in OBS as needed.

We still love this update, and think it has a lot to offer new and veteran streamers alike. Let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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