Exclusive Custom Designs

This article will cover two main topics about Custom Designs from Visuals By Impulse- Exclusive Rights and Creative Process.

Before we begin, a quick note on pricing for edits. Upon completion of custom design, you may want something edited or changed. If the requested edits are within thirty (30) days of final purchase, edits are free. If you require edits after the thirty days, edits are $8.

Exclusive Rights

There are two different options for custom work. Both options will guarantee the designs you are are exclusive to you, and you alone. (Cue Seagulls from Finding Nemo. "Mine. Mine. Mine.")

Unlike the premade designs, purchasing a Premade Logo, or commissioning any of our Custom Packages or designs will give you exclusive access and rights to the design, meaning no one else will be able to purchase that design. 

Premade Logos

Looking for a new logo (or mascot)? We have several that have already been designed, and are ready for you to purchase. Add this logo to your overlay or channel page to give you that unique, one-of-a-kind look that your viewers and community will come to know you by. Take your new logo and make t-shirts, stickers, or coffee mugs to expand your brand and get your brand out there.

Custom Packages

Here you have the option of different price points for your custom design. You can find full details and what's included in each package on our web store. In short, these options give YOU complete creative control over what you want. Your project will be assigned a designer who will work closely with you to design the vision you have for your channel. Along the way, you'll make all decisions regarding the final design, which gives you complete control of how it will look.

Remember- all of the above options, once purchased, are exclusive to you, so no one else will be able to purchase these designs. We want you to have the exact vision of your brand on your channel, and we're excited for the opportunity to help you make that vision a reality.


Creative Process

There's no right or wrong way to come up with a brand for your channel. Ultimately how you want your channel to look is up to you.

Visuals By Impulse works everyday with clients who know exactly what they want, and customers that aren't sure of what they want or where to start.

It is important, however, to brand your channel around who you are. This will not come easy and fast (and if it does, please show us the way!) and may take some time to develop. The designer you work with will share their creative knowledge to help, but having something in mind, and possibly providing as much detail as possible will only help expedite the process and ensure you are getting what you want.

Here is some insight from the VBI team to help you navigate this process.

Your channel brand is your voice. It's what you do, what you say, and how you say it. In a cluttered and often saturated market, you have to make yourself stand out and make your brand unique.

Stay true to yourself.

Your logo, tweets, status messages, overlays emotes, badges, and profile banner are all puzzle pieces to the master portrayal of who you are as a content creator.

A strong and well defined brand makes for better content and a more focused and compelling experience for your viewers. Without paying attention to the things that make you unique, you risk simply fading into the sea of streamers.

There are plenty of paths to get to your destination, and along the journey you'll get directions, suggestions, and advice as to the "best" route, but you're behind the wheel on this trip. Make the most of it, and let Visuals By Impulse be your co-pilot.

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