Adding Animated Alerts

We have an article for adding static alerts, but this article will focus on adding animated alerts. Follow the below steps to get your new animated alerts up and running. 

Part 1 of this article will explain how to set up your alerts using Streamlabs.

Part 2 of this article will explain how to add animated alerts to OBS Studio. 

Part 3 of this article will explain how to add animated alerts to StreamlabsOBS. 

Before we start. Make sure you have your Streamlabs account set up and ready to go. Have your alert files saved to your PC or laptop in a place you know where to find them.

After your alert is added to OBS/SLOBS, you WILL NOT see any image in your preview, as the first frame of the animated alert is blank. When adding Static alerts, you normally see the preview. You can preview the alert animation by testing alerts in Streamlabs Alert Box, or in the TEST WIDGET at the bottom of SLOBS.

Part 1- Setting up Alerts

Step #1

Open Streamlabs Alert Box in your internet browser. You'll need to manually adjust each alert type. ​​​

Step #2

Each alert offers different options for how the text appears on the alert. With most animated alert designs, you'll need to select the middle option, so the text appears in the middle of the alert design. ​​​

Step #3

Adjust the other settings as you prefer.

Step #4

When you adjust the IMAGE section, you'll need to upload your file for the animated alert you are using. 

My Alert is already added, so if this is your first time, it will have a default image/gif in place. Click the red X to remove the default image/gif, then click CHANGE MEDIA to bring up the following window- 

​Your media gallery includes all files you've previously uploaded, or, will be empty if you're doing this for the first time. Select the media file you want by adding it. To add a file, click on the DRAG & DROP Upload, search your computer files, and add it. Then click on the desired file and click SELECT below the media box.

Step #5

Once you've added the media file and adjusted all settings be sure to scroll all the way down and click SAVE SETTINGS.

Part 2- Adding Alerts to OBS

Step #1

Scroll back up to the top of the alert box, and copy the URL for the alert you are adding. You can add one URL for all alerts, or copy individual alert URLs for each alert.


Step #2

Add alert URL as browser source. Although the source will appear blank, as long as the URL is pasted into the Properties URL, the alerts will work when activated or tested. 

Once your source has been added, the outline of the source box will be visible. You can drag the source anywhere on the preview screen for optimal placements. Additionally, you can click on any of the circles within the border lines and increase or decrease the size of the alert box.


Step #3 

Test your alerts. See your alerts in action to adjust any settings before going live.

If using OBS Studio, open Streamlabs on your internet browser, and go to the Alert Box Widget. You can test each alert individually. The will appear in your OBS Studio preview.

Part 3- StreamlabsOBS

Step #1

Open StreamlabsOBS, go to the Editor, and add a source to the scene you want the animated alerts to appear on. Once you add alerts, you can copy the source to other scenes. 

Step #2

Then Add Source widget will appear. Select Alertbox [Essential] and click ADD SOURCE in the bottom right. Name the source, and add it.​

Step #3

Adjust the Settings for the alert box. ​

Step #4

Adjust the size and placement of the alerts by dragging the source around your preview screen, or clicking on the boxes around the source border that appears when highlighted in the Sources list. ​

Test your alerts. ​​At the bottom of your Editor in StreamlabsOBS, click on TEST WIDGETS to bring up the alerts you can test.

That's all! If you happen to need troubleshooting you can contact us via Twitter, Discord, or Email!

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